We have over 25 years’ experience providing our clients with insurance and financial products that protect not only themselves but their loved ones. We have the experience and pride ourselves in new and innovative products in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, the unexpected can happen.  Let Axiom protect you and your family against the unexpected.

Life insurance:  The majority of Canadians have life insurance.  However, many are under insured and life changes have also changed their insurance needs.  Those without life insurance cite cost as being a major factor in not getting life insurance.

Income Replacement:  Assists with income in the event of a disability or sickness.  Life is hectic and we often do not think of the consequences of not having an income on ourselves and on our loved ones. Being in the industry, we see far too often how disability can happen to anyone but also see that our clients have the financial support while dealing with this challenge due to their plans  Income replacement insurance gives you and your family one less thing to worry about in the vent of disability.

Health Fund: Protects you against critical illness.  This products with pays out a cash lump sum in the event of diagnosis of a critical illness to ease the financial burden on you and/or family.

Investments: Axiom can evaluate and assist investment avenues that meet you financial goals… both long term and short term.

Financial Planning:  Our clients have benefited from financial solutions that address all aspects of a financial plan including: retirement, educational savings, investments, estate planning and mortgage solutions.  We have helped client achieve their short term and long terms financial goals.  Let us discuss how we can help you meet you financial goals whether that is to pay off your mortgage or consult on a plan to make wise investments.

Student Insurance: With over 10 years of experience working with students in post-secondary environments, our consultants understand the needs of international students studying in Canada.  We cover you for important medical, health and dental services needed while studying in Canada.  Completing your post-secondary education can be extremely demanding, don’t let insurance coverage be an additional thing on your list to do.

Travel Insurance: Booking a trip?  Will you be out of the country?  Let us insure you while you are away.

Mortgage insurance: Have your mortgage through the Bank?  Let us show you how we can save you money, name your own beneficiaries (the bank should not be your beneficiary!), have more coverage and have a portable and flexible insurance solution even if you change banks.  Talk to us how we can offer more value with your mortgage insurance.


At Axiom we specialize in tailoring insurance products that meets your budget as well as your needs.  We cover you through all stages of your life.

Contact us to discuss your insurance options.